Mixed by Mantas Steles




  1. Efdemin / Night Train / Dub Mix / Dial Records
  2. Jay Tripwire / I Was A DJ / Smoke City
  3. Dakz & Mentelibre / She Needs Me / Tomas Rubeck I Need Her Dub / Crazy Old Goose Records
  4. Christopher Rau / Like Yesterday / Smallville
  5. Gurtz / Little Talk / Christina Chatfield Edit / Klectik
  6. Ike / Pressin On / Philpot Records
  7. Jarno / Untitled #1 / Deep Explorer Music
  8. Ernie / Hold On / Dubbyman Remix / Minuendo
  9. Mur / Confessions / Esperanza
  10. Phonogenic / Heal The Feat / Moodmusic
  11. Dario Zenker / Cafu / Ilian Tape
  12. Sakro / The Time Passes By As A Train / Klectik
  13. Keisuke Kondo / Memories / Thema
  14. Map.Ache / Enola / Kann Records
  15. Deepad / Autumn / Apparel Music
  16. Ari Frank & Derek Fox / They Say / TBA

Who is Mantas Steles?

Mantas is actually a fictional character living in the real world. For

those who have not known that yet, now you do.. The cat is out of the

bag, ha! On a more serious note, I’m just a guy who likes to have fun.


Tell us about the mix?

Speaking of the mix, I did not want it to be just a set of the latest

tracks put together.. I looked back and selected some of my favorite

tracks from a little while ago and also took some fresh ones to create

a blend that I was looking for. The whole idea behind it was pretty

much to take the listener on a little trip, starting off easier, on a

more dubby note and switching the gears throughout the mix to tell my